This is a question that comes up every so often for us. Despite the fact that the vast majority of customers who have chosen to purchase an Amazon account from us are already aware of the response. Go to the link and browse the options:

A surprising number of people fail to get the fact that registering to sell on a platform such as Amazon is not the same as enrolling on Skype or any of the other services listed. Amazon gives new seller applications their full attention and takes them extremely seriously. Within that procedure, there are a TON of moving components and pieces (even those that are not visible on the front-end).

Therefore, to get accepted and successfully registered on Amazon’s SellerCentral, everything needs to be quite ideal, and occasionally you may need a little bit of luck.

All your needs

People who are just starting out as sellers and don’t want to take the chance of having their name deleted from Amazon for good are the primary consumers that buy accounts from us.

New sellers who attempted to sell on Amazon but were turned down; existing sellers who were banned or suspended on Amazon and had their accounts deleted but now wish to resume selling on the platform but were turned down. Existing, experienced sellers who already own one or more accounts but are interested in acquiring additional accounts in order to improve their profits and reduce their exposure to risk.