Monday, April 18, 2011


You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Watch this video.

Ok, now do you want to hear the most frustrating thing in the world? I don't have a good video to explain, but I can type it out. It's when bad stuff happens to you and you have absolutely no control over it. Doesn't that just drive you nuts? I know it drives me nuts. Saying that I've had a tough time staying on the field over the past year would be quite the understatement. I've experienced more severe injuries than the goalie for the local dart team. They have caused me to play in only about sixty games over the past two-plus seasons. Listening to all the people tell me, "Matt, you're just injury prone," or "You're just one of those guys that gets hurt a lot," makes me want to rip my newly grown creepy mustache right off my face. (It probably wouldn't be that bad of an idea, considering how much I'm scaring the kids at our town movie theater) The crazy thing is, I went my entire life without getting hurt. I spent most of it playing two of the most dangerous sports in the world, hockey and football, and I never missed a game. I never missed a high school game playing three sports for four years. Never missed a college game in three years. Then all of a sudden in 2009 I got a visit from the injury fairy, and she kicked my ass.

If 2009 I had a mysterious knee injury after diving for a ball and landing awkwardly. I woke up the next day and literally couldn't walk. It took me almost three months, and about five cortisone shots to get rid of the problem. Couple that with missing three weeks due to the Swine Flu, that's right the %#$*ing Swine Flu, and there goes most of my season. All while this was going on I was experiencing pain in my left hand. I guess I was so preoccupied with my 105 degree temperature and near death experience that I just played through the pain when I actually had a chance to hit. That all stopped in 2010 when during Spring Training the pain got so bad I couldn't take a practice swing without keeling over in pain. As most of you know, I ended up having a broken bone in my hand and then later found a cyst in my wrist. After six cortisone shots, one PRP injection, two surgeries, and enough medication to kill a small horse, my season was flushed down the toilet.

Don't worry though guys, because it's 2011 and the bad luck is in the rear view mirror. That was until about a week left before the regular season started and I hit a double into the left center gap. On my way to second base I felt a strange feeling in my hamstring. I had never really hurt a muscle before, especially a hamstring, so I figured it was just a cramp that would go away the next morning. Unfortunately, when I woke up the next day I knew it wasn't just a cramp and I had strained my hamstring.

The good news was that resting my leg for about a week should give it time to heal and I'd be back on the field practicing again. Ten days later I was back to hitting when I attempted to run down the first base line and felt my hamstring "grab" again. To make a long story short (probably already too late for that), every time I've gotten to the point of leaving Florida for Pennsylvania my hamstring has not wanted to cooperate. I ended up hurting it again about four days ago and am in the process of resting for a week to seven days. The worst part about this whole thing is the fact that I can't do anything about it. I feel great other wise. My hand has absolutely zero pain in it. My swing is feeling the best it has since last Spring Training. But I can't start my season because of my leg. I'm hoping I can finally get some luck on my side and have this thing heal up over the next week or so. If it doesn't I may have to give my old friend Mr. Miyagi a call. Hey, it worked for Daniel-san.

You're the best!
Nothing's gonna ever keep you down!

Man this song rocks! Have a great day while I put this on repeat.


  1. Aw, hang in there Anto! Let your body heal; it needs to serve you for a nice long career.
    Hey! did I mention what a hottie you are in your black hoodie on your recent Touch'em All vid? [Ooops! maybe that's a bit inappropriate, ahem!]
    So let's see...if you were to say walk to Harrisburg from Fla starting now, you might get there about the same time AND have a nice loose hamstring, am I right? Think about it.
    Stay positive 'cause we're with you! ~Christine.
  2. fromthefanseatApr 18, 2011 02:13 PM
    I'm going to tell you something that the "training staff" is afraid to tell you. You don't need a hamstring to play well. This hamstring crap is how they make $$$. You can go to Mexico and there are tons of doctors that will remove it for you. Any diminished play will be made up by your other leg over-compensating. Listen to me, I have gone to Community College 3 times and have only missed my Associate's degree by 80 credits or so.

    Seriously, Matt. I really hope your leg starts to feel better.

    Here you go, No More Kings' music video "Sweep the Leg"
  3. I skipped the most annoying sound in the world. Whatever it is though, I'm pretty sure you're wrong. I'm confident that the most annoying sound in the world is the 70+ year old couple who live in the house behind me enjoying bed time. Yeah, we'll just leave that alone! No need to scar you for life with further detail. Anyways, as for the injuries, that sucks. It really does. I guess you could say that old cliche "bad things happen to good people" applies to you in the case of the injuries bringing you down in recent years. Keep on pushing and don't give up. I guess that's all you can do, right? Not that I could picture you ever giving up on anything. You seem pretty determined and strong minded so keep at it and hopefully things fall into place. As much as I joke around I spent about 6 years feeling like my world was forever falling apart and I had no control over things but such is life. You just never give up.
    Oh...and stay away from the kids with your creeper stache' - don't want the cops showing up on your doorstep questioning you :)
  4. Matt your in the best place right now... Its still winter in the northeast and if you didn't have an injury playing in this weather would give you one.
    By the time your healed up the weather will be warming up!
  5. mattantonelli9Apr 21, 2011 12:19 PM
    Haha I hope so!
  6. mattantonelli9Apr 21, 2011 12:20 PM
    That is something I don't want to think about lol...thanks for the good
    words I appreciate it...and I'll stay away from the children no worries lol
  7. mattantonelli9Apr 21, 2011 12:20 PM
    Haha I'll let them know tomorrow to just cut my leg off I don't need it lol
  8. mattantonelli9Apr 21, 2011 12:21 PM
    haha thanks
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